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About Marsh Monster

Marsh Monster Products is a new company in the outdoor industry that focuses its product development efforts on creating hunting products that solve identified problems hunters are faced with or fills an open gap in a given product category. They bring a high level of intellectual property that range from design, engineering, manufacturing and supply management assembled to develop the highest performing products to the marketplace. The company is based in Michigan, where the company headquarters and design center is located.

Our Begining

The company's entry into the outdoor market came from a unique product developed by one of the owners and a personal experience. This new innovative product is called the NOD STOPPER! The NOD STOPPER is designed to keep your head from nodding forward in the event of falling asleep while hunting from an elevated treestand.

Falling a sleep while on a tree stand is a result of fatigue from a long day of sitting and waiting for the trophy of a lifetime to come along. Accidents happen when you least expect it! Your head starts to nod forward and your body has a natural tendency to follow! STOP THE NOD!