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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NOD STOPPER?

The NOD STOPPER is a safety device that is developed for elevated tree stand hunters that tend to nod off while in the stand. The NOD STOPPER is designed to Stop the NOD that can lead into a forward-falling motion that leads to falling from your tree stand.

Do I have to stay locked in all day while in the stand?


The NOD STOPPER is designed to allow you to lock in whenever you feel you need the support from a long day of sitting in your tree stand and feeling fatigue and in DANGER of falling asleep. The NOD STOPPER is to be used in conjunction with your full body harness.

Can I still move my head to look around while locked in?


The NOD STOPPER gives you the ability to turn your head 45 degrees right to left to still look around.

Can youth hunter use this product?


The NOD STOPPER head strap is fully adjustable for youth and adult hunters. It acts as a great training tool to minimize head movement as youth tend to move a lot while in the stand. Game sightings will increase due to minimizing head movement.