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About Nod Stopper

Creation of the Nod Stopper

The NOD STOPPER was created from a personal experience while hunting whitetail deer in Michigan with my son during a previous archery season. After experiencing a parent's worst fear of receiving a text from your child that he fell asleep and rolled out of his elevated tree stand. With luck and higher powers on his side, he suffered only minor injuries.

Most us know or have heard of a hunter that was not so lucky. The NOD STOPPER began to take shape and function to fill a safety gap in the world of elevated tree stand hunting for all ages. With a bit of brain storming, we determined if you STOP the NOD the body won’t follow!

We asked ourselves, is a Body Harness enough?

See Our Nod Stopper in Action

NOD STOPPER Fills the Gap in tree stand Safety

The NOD STOPPER fills a major safety gap in the hunting industry when it comes to elevated tree stand hunting safety. Many safety product manufactures put their focus on controlling or slowing the process of falling as it happens, not preventing the fall.

WARNING: While in the process of falling or descending with a safety harness, injuries can happen such as the body getting gorged by a foot peg or dragged against the tree trunk and branches. That doesn't even take into account existing health conditions that can escalate from a sudden jolt to the body! The NOD STOPPER focus is to prevent the fall from happening in the first place. Stop the NOD!

The NOD STOPPER takes it one step further over fall control, as its primary focus is on fall prevention during unintentional nodding due to fatigue.  We have determined if the head NODs forward, the body has a natural tendency to follow, increasing the odds that one will fall from the tree stand. The NOD STOPPER is designed to prevent the unintentional forward motion of one’s head without limiting your ability to hunt. By mounting a NOD STOPPER receiver bracket at every tree stand, safety is now waiting for you. STOP THE NOD!!!


We always recommend that you use your NOD STOPPER in conjunction with a certified fully body arrest harness. This gives you the insurance you need to hunt safely!

The NOD STOPPER must become part of your “hunting trip” check list.  Whether you are away from home or in your own back yard, knowing you have this additional level of safety will elevate your hunting experience every time in the stand.  When the NOD STOPPER is used in conjunction with your favorite certified full body arrest harness, you now have a complete safety system.


Promote Safety First

The risk of injury, as a result of nodding off in the tree stand, will be greatly reduced with the use of the NOD STOPPER. Marsh Monster Products is actively pursuing hunter education programs to add the NOD STOPPER to their educational lineup of safety material.  Our goal is to educate hunters, both youth and adults, to the benefits of the NOD STOPPER Safety System, and its use during elevated hunting activities. 

Ease of Use

The NOD STOPPER was developed and tested to ensure it would not hinder the hunting experience. The NOD STOPPER is compact and allows for it to be conveniently carried in a fanny pack or back pack. The bracket is easily positioned on the tree to the hunter’s physical characteristics then secured. You have the option of the Regular (Straight) or Flex bracket. We developed the Flex Bracket to fit irregular shaped trees. The head strap is fully adjustable to allow for individual sizing that is most comfortable to the hunter.  The NOD STOPPER is to be used in the sitting position only!

The NOD STOPPER is a hands-free system that allows you to quietly engage and disengage with minimal head movement. Simply tilt your head back to a full rearward position to disengage from the bracket, allowing you to take the shot when present.

What is life worth to you? Stop the NOD!

Safety At Every Stand

Our goal is to provide maximum safety at an affordable price for everyone. Serious hunters have many stands locations, accounting for variables such as animal patterns, food and weather conditions. Safety should not be one of the variables. Safety MUST be present at all of your hunt locations.

By securing a NOD STOPPER receiver bracket at every stand location, you can position the bracket to your natural sitting position with stem and ball on head strap secured at the top of the slot on the receiver bracket.

Safety is now waiting for you at every stand!

Quality and Capability/Durability

The NOD STOPPER was developed and manufactured, using the proper materials to meet strength and durability for all weather conditions.  The NOD STOPPER bracket is made from high grade steel, which has a powder coat finish for longevity. This finish allows the bracket to stand up to the most extreme weather conditions Mother Nature can unleash.  The bracket strap is made from mold and mildew resistant poly pro webbing. The strength of the webbing is superior. The Adjustable Head strap is made with similar properties as the Bracket Strap, but with comfort in mind as the NOD STOPPER System will allow you to hunt longer while secured.

The NOD STOPPER has been tested both at a system level and component level. The system performs at a level 25 times greater than required head support, with data to back it up.